Watch NBA’s games on your cell phone

The NBA, professional basketball league in the United States will transmit full games live on mobile phones including the iPhone, for U.S. $ 40 per year.

Until now, the NBA offered only highlights of the Games on mobile phones. The association already offers subscription packages to watch the games live on computers, as well as plans for cable TV and satellite. Research firm IDC estimates that there are potentially 59 million phones in the U.S. who can adopt the new package.

The NBA package allows fans to watch more than 40 live games each week. The package also offers technology for digital video recording to pause and rewind 30 seconds of images, as well as access to games played until two days before. Users can also check statistics while watching a match.

Among the telephone companies involved are AT & T, exclusive carrier of the iPhone, and T-Mobile USA, a unit of Deutsche Telekom which sells devices that use the Android software from Google.
Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. mobile operator, will begin offering its first phone with Android software in November. By the end of the year, the product of the NBA will also be available to users of RIM’s BlackBerry.

Via: Folha.