WatCleaner: The Water’s Knight in Shining Armor

‘Almost all the water bodies around the world are polluted and need cleansing’. Most of you would surely agree with me on the statement and so does the Chinese industrial designer Ye Yao; otherwise, he would’ve never created the WatCleaner. Frontrunner of the “Excellent Works” designation in Japan Design Foundation International Design Competition, 2007 this robotic machinery cleans up polluted water.

The WatCleaner comprises sensors underneath that detect fish and monitor basic water pollutants like garbage and oil. The absorbent socks located on its roof absorb oil, cleanse it and store it in replaceable oil bags fitted for the purpose. The garbage taken along with water into the integrator is diverted into a bin; and the clean water is sprayed out into the water system. Not just this, this marvel machine is capable of transmitting signal information to land based controllers in places where the WatCleaner cannot perform its job alone.

Considering the amount of water pollution around the world, I appreciate the designer for his wonderful creation, but how many WatCleaners would it take to clean up the water on earth! Moreover, would WatCleaner clean up the germs the garbage brings along with it? Wondering over these questions, let’s wish WatCleaner gets bigger and better to wipe earth’s water resources off its pollutants!

Via BlueLivingIdeas