Waterpod: The Next Architectural Solution?

If you were looking for the next green architecture that was not only sustainable but also aesthetically appealing, you must learn about the Waterpod, which is an idea conceived by Mary Mattingly and Mira Hunter. The architecture involves a pod that stays afloat and is almost sculptural. The Waterpod is expected to travel along the Newtown Creek between Brooklyn and Bronx.

Now the idea is to build sustainable habitats that use water. When there is no space to live on the land, people arte now planning to stay afloat over the ocean and ease the burden off our cities and countryside. The Waterpod is an island manufactured from wood, metal and plastic and is very much environmental friendly.

It comes with a Wind turbine that provides some amount of energy and the Waterpod includes community spaces, living areas and other such things that make staying in a community ‘a habitat’ and you wouldn’t feel like you are cut off from the land society. However, it is too early to say if such a design would work out in reality.

Via: Inhabitat