Weingart Homeless Center: Imagine Yourself Homeless

Yes, Weingart Homeless Center asks everyone to imagine oneself homeless with their cutout campaign message: Before you turn away, put yourself in my place. True way of creating awareness is making sure people identify with the cause and plight of the homeless. David and Goliath ad agency has designed a campaign which will really make people imagine themselves homeless even for a fleeting second.


Los Angeles has 70,000 homeless people on its streets. For this campaign some of these homeless people were asked to write the message on a blank card board along with the website address of Weingart Homeless Center. They were photographed holding these placards. These images later became life size cut-outs. The faces were removed and these realistic card board cut outs were placed in upscale shopping centers. It was just impossible to ignore these faceless homeless.

Social campaigns have twin targets. One is to create awareness and other raise funds for the cause. This campaign surely will meet both the targets. Homeless people are a reality in all cities of the world. They need help to become self sufficient.

Via Osocio