Why the West Country is a Fantastic Area to Travel and Explore

If you are seeking a bit of an adventure and want to get some travelling experience then England is one of the best places to do it, and this is an often overlooked area by travellers. This could come down to the weather, but beneath this it is a fantastic place to travel whether you are already a resident or coming from overseas, and there is some breathtaking scenery as well as lots of fantastic cities and towns for you to explore as well. Perhaps the best place to explore would be to visit whether you are travelling by yourself, with a few friends, with your partner or with your family, and it is also guaranteed that you will meet some lovely people who will happily show you the best places to visit and activities to try.

The Main Attraction of the West Country

Places such as Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Bristol all have to be experienced whilst in the south west, but the main attraction of this area is Cornwall. This is the place in which you should really take some time to explore and appreciate, and you are sure to be blown away by this county at the furthest south west point you could be. Here you will find a wide range of cultural activities, a famous coastline which is perfect for surfing or relaxing on the beach, beautiful inland towns and plenty more to see and do, and this has to include having a world famous Cornish pasty as well!

Booking into a Self Catering Cottage

You will certainly want to spend a good part of your trip down here as it is such a beautiful place, and the best way to experience it is to book yourself into a self catering cottage. This allows you to get comfortable and relax when you are not out exploring, you can cook for yourself whenever you want and generally make yourself at home. To find the best self catering cottages in Cornwall you don’t have to go researching for hours online, you can simply visit comparison websites, as these sites do all of the hard work for you so that you can simply find a list, and then view and directly compare all the cottages. It is then simple to book your stay and you will be all set. There is no where else in the world quite like the West Country, and it is somewhere that has something for everyone and some of the best countryside and coastlines that you will ever see.