What the Microsystem Does to Your Growing Child

Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory has many systems within the environment and they interact with each other and how it shapes the individual’s development. One of them and the most basic is the Microsystem. Microsystem is the innermost environmental layer and this refers to the activities and immediate surroundings of a child. This would usually be limited to the family.

It would include things that a child may encounter on a daily basis in an immediate surrounding. However, this system becomes complex as the child grows because, peers, school, etc also come into picture as he/she grows up. Moreover, a child’s biological and socially influenced characteristics like habits, temperaments, physical characteristics and capabilities influence the child’s behavior and also the people who are around the child.

It is not only these factors that influence the child’s development but the child himself/herself influences other factors in the system. For Example: A child who has a difficult temperament may cause friction between parents and also with other peers and teachers. It is important that the child has a good and functional microsystem. I hope all you parents understand the magnitude of this system!