Where Best to Buy Gifts and Souvenir Items in Singapore

Souvenirs of Singapore are available all over the city-state, in major department stores, shops, and hotel shopping arcades. Whether it be a t-shirt that is commemorative of your trip to the country or an exquisitely carved local handicraft item, Singapore abounds in souvenirs and gifts to bring back home.

The RISIS Orchid is one of the most popular gifts from Singapore. A hand-crafted model of Singapore’s national flower is made of a real orchid dipped in 22-karat gold. This ornament is fashioned into pins, brooches, earrings, and pendants. Peranakan culture-inspired gift items such as brooches and one-of-a-kind cardholders are also excellent gift ideas. The Peranakan culture is a fusion of Chinese, Malay, and European influences. The Suntec City Mall abounds with Peranakan gift items.

The four Museum Shops located in the heart of Singapore are chockfull of authentic memorabilia of the country. Scenic posters of the old and new Singapore, breathtaking batik sarongs, locally-handcrafted trinkets, and one-of-a-kind mementos inspired by Singapore’s art and heritage are some of the popular gift choices at the Museum Shops.

Chinese opera items are found at Eng Tiang Huat on River Valley Road. Chinese opera hats, ladies’ embroidered vests, bamboo flutes, and Chinese fiddles called erhu are some of the items that can be purchased to be given as unique gifts. The Singapore Botanic Gardens shop offers commemorative gifts such as natural history books.

A wide assortment of fragrance oils is available at Aljunied Brothers along Arab Street. Baskets and other cane, straw, rattan, and pandan leaf handicraft gifts are also found at the center of the Muslim community in Singapore. Other unique gift ideas from Kampong Glam and Arab Street are baby cradles, floor mats, hanging chairs, serving trays, camel skin bags, sewing kits, fishing tackles, the Muslim men’s headgear called songkok, and textiles. These areas are best known for luxurious fabrics.

Everything that anyone would need to look great, be fit and healthy, develop oneself andone’s mind, relax and while the hours away enjoyably, be able to fit his home and decorateit, collect precious items, and use the latest state-of-the-art technology can all befound in Singapore.

You only need to equip yourself with information as to where the best places are to get the shopping items you want, not to mention your lengthy shopping list and the energy and verve you will need to do that shopping expedition. And while you are at it, Singapore also offers a thousand and one ideas for gift items that you can give your friends and family by way of sharing your very satisfying Singapore shopping experience.


Via streetdirectory.com/hotel4stay

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