Why Cry Baby Analyzer: A Weird Gadget

There are some gadgets that are wacky as hell. Here is a gadget that analyses your baby’s crying and tells you what the cry is all about. The Why Cry baby Analyser is a crazy gadget that would come to parents who do not have the time to decide why and for what reason their bawling baby maybe crying for.

It uses frequency analysis technology and depending on the frequency of your baby’s cry it tells you what the reason for the crying is. It tells you if your baby is Stressed, Sleepy, Annoyed, Bored or Hungry and lets you decide the step to be taken.

It has an LCD screen and is portable and comes with a symptoms chart. I guess parenting was never so easy! The Why Cry Baby Analyser costs $99.99 and is quite cheap. It is also one of the most ridiculous gadgets that I have come across.