Will Facebook create email accounts?

In February this year, appeared the first rumors about the secret project Titan from Facebook, an e-mail to Internet affectionately dubbed (by their creators, of course) “Gmail killer”. Now it could be released on Monday, November 15, during a special event scheduled for this day.

It would be a big surprise, says the site TechCrunch, now that calls for this event indicate that the news have strong relations with the “inbox” messages from the network, and probably will not be a trivial change.

With its 500 million users, the network can quickly become the most popular free web e-mail – with the right accounts @facebook and everything else, being the first to debunk Gmail from Google, says the site Geeky Gadgets.

Facebook already has the product of the world’s most popular pictures, like the event, and probably will soon be a product of local businesses and important. The integration that can be done with them all and this new email account – not to mention the social games – can be a huge advantage.

To complete success, has the social element: Facebook meets the friends of their users – including what are the closest – and can do a good job in order to prioritize the most important e-mails.

If the rumors are correct, this release may explain the fear of losing information from Google for the social network.

Via: TechCrunch.