Will the Real Michael Jackson Please Stand Up?

Parental Advisory: If you are under the age of 18 or are an extremely cute pubescent boy, proceed only with parental company. Oh heck, I’m just kidding, go right ahead!

King of Pop, Michael Jackson, must be the most imitated icon on planet earth, or at least he was until about ten years ago when reports of his naughty little secrets became too frequent and too colourful for the legal courts, and his fans, to overlook. Michael’s desires to ‘help’ the children of the world may have almost completely erased him from the music charts, but emulating this fascinating character hasn’t come to an end yet.

The pictures show a young man not just dress up to look like Mikey but apply makeup so painstakingly and perfectly that he seems to truly slip in to the skin of Mikey. Every little thing is given importance: the ever surprised look accomplished by the raised eyebrows, the sharp pointy and upturned nose, the cleft in the chin, the feminine lips and finally, for the cherry topping on a perhaps-appealing dish, the long silky haired wig. And voila! he’s the King of Pop.

This young man might have slipped into the guise of Michael but would he be able moonwalk, shake his hips and woo the ladies? No hard feelings, Mikey, but if he doesn’t have any skeletons in the closet then he just might become more popular than you!


Via: BookOfJoe