Wisdom Tree Bookshelf: An Unconventional Bookshelf by Jodi Mila

If you are a voracious reader then, perhaps you would give high regards to ‘books’ and not just sideline them as mere objects. Imagine the horror that you would go through in case one of your old time favorite books goes missing from your bookshelf due to your carelessness! Well, your books need a little bit more of your attention to keep them in a good order. Jordi Mila, the Spanish designer’s “The Wisdom Tree Bookshelf” might interest you.


The bookshelf has been especially designed for you book lovers who not only treat books as a source of accumulating knowledge and wisdom but who also feel the inner emotions emoted by books. The artistic design crafted on the bookshelf is very symbolic. Just like how a tree grows, the growth of knowledge is also well depicted in this bookshelf.

Besides, the fluid and the organic shape are inspired by growth of a plant and, the books, which represent the fruit of knowledge, are supported by pieces covered in leather. This is a well thought design. I really like the way Jordi Mila associates the concept of knowledge through his bookshelf and not just to place books on it.

Via: Contemporist\Jordimila