WoW Pod: Best Home For Reclusive World Of Warcraft Fans

What geeks are best at doing is hiding from the real world and immersing themselves in the fantasy world of their choice. And when you wish to do that then what better world to choose than World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is already the ultimate when it comes to super cool games; it even has its own special armadillo-armoured steel WoW mouse. Coming again for the pleasure of WoW fans is the WoW Pod. Designed for the living needs of any WoW fan, the WoW Pod is designed by Cati Vaucelle and Shada/Jahn. The WoW Pod has a system at the right place so that the obsessive fan can play online and against all the others who believe they are the best. Below his throne is a potty and beside the system is a cooking top. The Pod has shelves filled with food packets and water packs. In fact, he can even announce online to his opponents what he’s having for his meal that day.

Built with grants from MIT’s Council for the Arts and other groups, the WoW Pod is not available commercially but is just an installation up for show till September at the MIT museum.

wow pod

Via: Kotaku/Architectradure

wow pod