WWF Unveils Non-printable File Format To Discourage Unnecessary Printouts

Environmentalists and Green Design folks have been incessantly tossing out ideas and product concepts to offer the common man stylish yet eco-healthy products just to push him a little more n creating a better future for himself. The WWF Document format doesn’t cut some slack for the consumers but it has a strict way of making people adhering to environmental practice. A PDF lookalike   document format, this one is unprintable hereby deterring people to go for unnecessary printouts.

For now the file format is only savable and readable on Macs and is going to be soon followed with a Windows Version. It works as plugin that allows you to save pretty much anything as WWF file from the print menu in Mac Operating System. This is an interesting way to cut down on unnecessary printouts. But I believe when you’re sending documents for distribution, some level of discretion has to be exercised while using this format because reading a 500 write up is easy on the computer than something that runs into reams.

This initiative  of World Wildlife Federation is gaining momentum pretty fast with many individual and organizations like Suncycle, Triodos Bank and B.A.U.M. e.V using their document format.

Via: Lifehacker