XXXitchen Is Here To Rekindle The Romance

We have come across a lot of innovation before but none like this! Designer Raffaele Iannello of the voodoo knife fame has just brought food and romance even closer; with the latter creating more buzz than the former (for obvious reasons). Yes, the man has created a whole variety of kitchen utensils that will take the romantic in your to new heights. After all, for most of us food has always gone hand-in-hand with canoodling.

Aptly named the ‘XXXitchen’, this range of kitchenware and gadgets are fully capable of adding ‘kinky-ness’ to your love life. These objects come with sensual and elongated suggestive forms that are aimed at spicing up things for presumably bored target audience like your typical housewife, workaholic husband or career-minded single women.

So if haven’t seen anything sexy in the kitchen for a long long time, Iannello has a whole line of products – citrus press, a pepper mill, a door paper towel, a brush to wash dishes and jars in various shapes and sizes- with a dual purpose. And don’t forget, these utensils can participate in your culinary adventures too.

Via gadgetblog