Yamaha Gen-Ryu Hybrid Motorbike Production Starts In 2010

The 2005 Gen-Ryu hybrid concept that Yamaha showed off at the Tokyo Motor Show four years ago created a lot of interest. Those who knew hoped and waited that the Gen-Ryu would become more than just a concept just got their wishes.

The Gen-Ryu may be hitting the showrooms near you sometime in 2010 and would do so in a pimped up version. If you’re waiting to check out the new detailing on the bike, then check out the Tokyo Motor Show this year. When the Gen-Ryu concept was revealed, the hybrid bike followed the style of the YZF-R6 with a four cylinder engine which directly powered the rear wheel. The spiced up version has a single-cylinder engine that powers a massive generator which in turn controls the electric motor that turns the rear wheel.

Yamaha would probably be releasing an official statement regarding the bike later this year. Hopefully when the bike goes into production, the exterior styling would be more chic so as to carry off the wild power within it.

Via: GizMag