YouTube Feather: A Smoother & Faster YouTube

Ever since the most cherished online video resource, YouTube began providing high definition videos, the entire website has become incredibly cumbersome, especially for the slower computers and even for the ones, that are still using the conventional monitors for display and for that matter even notebooks.

To counter the ever increasing demands from users to make YouTube a lighter website to make use of, the YouTube Labs has initiated a brand new feature inside the website, called YouTube feather, that is void of all the clutter that is usually seen on YouTube. This new service provides the users with minimum amount of latency while they watch a video. Along with the reduction in latency, YouTube feather also significantly reduces the amount of bytes that might be required to play the videos online.

As per Google, the new YouTube feather consumes considerably less band width than the regular YouTube edition. In a simulated run, the all new service registered a usage of 52 KB for a video streaming, as against the 391 KB required by the more cumbersome version of YouTube.

Via Techie Buzz & YouTube.

youtube feather