Zacuto Pimps DSLR For Video Usage

Video editors and makers never had it so good. With the technology advancing at an astonishing pace, techniques used a couple of years ago are already obsolete. If you were wondering what you could do with your DSLR, Zacuto has a solution. Zacuto has developed a way to pimp DSLRs for video usage and its kits are designed for the latest Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90.

However, these models do not cost much and cost $1216. This may not attract the traditional photographers but it definitely puts the good old DSLR to some use. One could go back to Redrock’s cinematizing abilities and draw an analogy. The accessories by Zacuto come with light controls, fine focus, zoo controls, a video monitor which is slightly heavy and also a couple of other interesting features.

If you plan to capture some high definition videos, you must perhaps get Zacuto’s video accessories, which would surely assist you in your video making endeavors. So go ahead and get yourself Zacuto’s pimped DSLR and make sure you put them into good use, for it is not everyday that we run into such awesome gadgets.

Via: /PhotographyBay