Zero Zero Project Premieres In Hong Kong With Robert Knoke’s Art Work

March marks the return of the Zero Zero Project. However, this time, the project is leaving behind the tried and tested venues of New York and Seoul. The Zero Zero Project exhibition is moving east this time to Hong Kong. This will mark the project’s premiere in Far Eastern city. The exhibition will be held at JOYCE, Hong Kong, from 16 March to 30 March.

The first instalment of the Zero Zero Project in Hong Kong is set to focus on the work of German artist Robert Knoke. His work, which primarily comprises drawings in large scale have been based on several well-known figures from pop culture. So if you happen to walk into the exhibition, you will find depictions of the likes of American singer-songwriter, poet and artist Patti Smith, Beijing-born Canadian artist Terence Koh and California-based avant garde fashion designer Rick Owens, among others.

On display will be Robert Knoke’s signature art – ink portraits using ballpoint pens and felt markers. There is a feel of graffiti art to his works, which stand out in stark black and white.

There will also be an additional treat for art enthusiasts. Not only is there an in-store installation of Knoke’s large scale drawings, but interested customers will be able to purchase a limited edition 00 inaugural book and DVD set which will be retailing for HK$990. The book and DVD set will feature several of Knoke’s drawings. Side by side, you can find an insight into the contemporary world of art, thanks to featured essays and interviews by Casey Spooner, Julia Meier and Tim Goosens.

Via: Hype Beast