Zimplistic Unveil Rotimatic, World’s First Fully Automated Roti-Maker

Rolling a perfect roti is a task that you can master only after years of practice. Or, with the help of modern technology you can outsource the job to a robot who can guarantee a perfect roti every minute.Zimplistic, a Mountain View, California-based company has launched the Rotimatic which is perhaps the world’s fully automated robot roti-maker. It is a cube shaped compact machine measuring only 40cm but houses some elaborate engineering inside that combines 10 motors, 15 sensors and 300 parts.Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni, co-founders of Zimplistic took over six years to develop the machine that could knead the dough with perfect consistency, roll perfectly shaped rotis and bake them uniformly, all in a minute.


Nagarkar who handled the engineering of the machine was inspired to take up the development of this machine as she grew tired of perfecting her own roti-making skills. She also felt it was a waste of time as even a small batch of rotis also takes over half an hour to produce. There have been earlier attempts to automate the roti-making process but the results have been either tiny manual products that require significant human intervention or large machine suited for commercial production. Rotimatic, however, is a completely automatic machine that only requires the supply of ingredients to work. There are three containers that fit on the top of the machine and are meant for the flour, water and oil.

The Rotimatic is easy to use and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Initially it takes about five minutes to heat up to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. There is an LCD screen with four unmarked buttons that allows you to select the thickness, crispness and oil content you want in your rotis. After that you simply have to hit the start button and the machine gets down to rolling out perfect rotis. It does not mix the entire ingredients at one go mixes enough for one roti at a time. The machine uses a patented process to build one perfect ball at a time. The sensors in the machine ensure that the dough attains the right consistency. The dough then moves to a chamber where it is flattened to a perfect 1.5mm thick disc. There are more sensors in the chamber that ensure that no area is thicker or thinner than any other.Finally, the disc slips between two heated elements which, guided by more sensors, rapidly cook the roti until it puffs up like a pastry. Rotimatic has been priced at $599 and already boasts of an order book worth $5 million. The delivery of the innovative machine is expected to start early 2015. Via Mashable