Zoybar Guitar: Make It Yourself Just The Way You Like It!

Guitar aficionados, get ready to drool. Even if you’re not into guitars or any other musical instrument, this product will definitely interest anyone with a liking for creativity.

The Zoybar is a guitar, or something like that, that allows you to add onto it and modify it according to your desires. The modular design of the instrument attempts to give musicians the opportunity to experiment with innovative ideas. Almost like a DIY guitar, the instrument is made up of detachable pieces that can be joined together just the way you like it best. Designed by Ziv Bar Ilan, the Zoybar is set to make its debut in January of 2009 so interested musicians do not have long to wait.

Zoybar also has an online community so that fanatics can exchange ideas and assembling designs with each other.

Via: DesignBoom